Piper Eschsitz, 2017

An investigation into the identity of an advertising agency.

The Schipper Company from Hamburg invited Chili Seitz to create an artistic intervetion as a long-term project.
An advertising agency is researching the main topic of their daily business!

Emphasizing identity features, a think tank such as Schipper Agentur is constantly working on the strong image of its client. To put oneself to the test and to make the topic of IDENTITY the subject of the investigation is the stated goal in the artistic project with Chili Seitz.

On the conceptional setting of a fictitious person, Piper Eschsitz (an anagram from the names Schipper and Seitz), we would like to generate artistic work within the framework of various workshops and short projects with employees of the company. The figure Piper Eschsitz creates a framework in which the identification of the employees can grow together TOGETHER in a new form. If there is someone who is ALL, "Piper" becomes WE; to a WIR pseudonym. If you want to be somebody, but at the same time they are all, you can hide behind them wonderfully. You (the individual) have the opportunity to try something. This lack of "possibility space" has been particularly emphasized in the research interviews. The focus of Piper's content work is on the keyword IDENTITY.

(Unfortunately, before the final implementation of the joint project "Piper draws", the project was shut down.) An extra developed program that records the mouse movements of the individual employees, allowing the work processes of the employees clicking on the screen to be experienced in a new and abstract image was not implemented anymore, the basics of the program and the rights are waiting for me and waiting for a new field of application!)

For an artistic intervention in general:

Albert Einstein's sentence "If I can not picture it, I can not underat it" states that we can only imagine what we remembered from our already experienced experiences, also understand. To experience new, unknown experiences in order to be able to imagine new possibilities, experiencing artistic SAMPLE MOVEMENTS, experimental arrangements, can be a form of saving this memory as a picture in order to imagine "Utopian". To try to understand something, to develop the courage to leave the familiar terrain and to regard a potential mistake as something positive.

Piper Eschsitz

Interview with a colleague in the agency's premises to shed light on the question "What is our identity?".

Piper Eschsitz

WS # 1 with staff of the agency to explore a feeling for the cohesion of the colleagues among each other.

Piper Eschsitz

First sketches of the program "Mouse" which tracks the computer mouse movements of the employees and creates by means of many different colors (participants) a temporary, always moving generative image of the joint work.

Piper Eschsitz
Piper Eschsitz